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Below are some very kind words from some very dear friends and clients.  Some have only had one dog trained by us and others, like Mikio, have had numerous dogs over many decades trained by us.  All have been a joy to work with and a blessing to know.

Mikio M. Tochioka  D. D. S.Mikio and Family with AKC FC Mark and handler Steve Epps

I have been asked to provide a letter of recommendation from Steve Epps of Epps Kennels.  I can sincerely, without equivocation provide my positive experience with Steve and Walter Epps over some forty years as cherished respected friends.

They have trained my German Shorthaired Pointer field trial and personal hunting bird dogs over those years.  Walt finished by first Field Trial Champion and placed her 3rd in the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of the AKC National Championship in 1974 held in upstate New York.  Steve finished two other national caliber dogs for me as Field Trial Champions.   I have also had six personal hunting dogs trained by Walt and Steve over the years.

My dogs always related to Steve and Walt with obvious joy and animation on my visits in their training and field trial campaigning that provided unspoken volumes of their happiness with them.  Their professionalism, honesty, sincerity and communication skills impressed me from my very first gun shy dog I placed in their training care.  This dog became a wonderful upland bird hunting partner cured of gun shyness, that brings back fond memories in the field with her special friendship.

If you are considering professional training for your bird dog, whether developing a puppy/derby, personal gun dog or finished national caliber field trial dog, I can respectfully recommend Steve and Walt Epps.

Paul Grech

I had a great experience getting my dog Mindy from Epps Kennels and would highly recommend them. I was looking for a good hunting and family dog. I talked with several breeders in my process to find a dog and once I spoke with Walt and Steve Epps I knew with their experience and great service they were the breeders I wanted to go with. I was very impressed with their business and how they raise their dogs. They take their time with getting to know you and making sure you’re the right owner for the dog. I purchased a two year old German Shorthair named Mindy who was already trained for bird hunting. Walt and Steve walked me through all the training commands and the various steps to assure I was comfortable working with Mindy and she was comfortable with me. After I took Mindy home I was able to call Walt and Steve multiple times, to ask any kind of questions. They are very supportive and helpful. She is an absolutely gorgeous dog and she has the best temperament. We had a fantastic and very successful Pheasant hunting season and Mindy even at two years old easily adapted to our home and became our family dog. Epps Kennels is where I will continue to get my future dogs!

Hunting TripRelaxing in the houseRetrieving a Pheasant

Bob Brugger

I have known Walter Epps for many years.  Walt has the highest quality blood line of gun dogs to be found anywhere with over 50 years of experience.  He is the best professional trainer and breeder you can get.  My last three dogs are “Walter Epps dogs” and there are none finer.  Walter Epps is the only professional trainer and breeder of gun dogs I would ever think to use.

Bob Brugger, Ice and Buddy

Bryan Matthews, IIII
Bighorn Aviation Resources, LLC

I would like this statement to serve as my endorsement and recommendation for Epps Kennels, Mr. Walter Epps and Mr. Steve Epps. Epps Kennels has trained my personal hunting/tournament pointers and retrievers for the past 10 years. Without their attention to detail training and handling guidance I would not have the quality dogs and tournament success that I have today. My appreciation goes to Epps Kennels and would recommend their beyond compare training.

Bryan and dogs

Teresa and Kevin Robison

Teresa's dogs, Fargo and PrincessWe feel fortunate to have found Walter Epps and his training center as our German Shorthaired Pointer was gun shy and we were afraid she would forever be a couch potato.

Walter was able to correct the problem and now we call her our “super dog” and it’s all because of Epps Kennels.

We’ve sent two German Shorthaired Pointers and can say that they were returned in great shape with all the skills needed to help you fill your limit of birds.

I would recommend Epps Kennels to anyone interested in having an all-around hunting partner.

Thank you Walter for all that you’ve done not only for our dogs, but us as well.

Dr. Rafael M. GamboaRafe and Jeff, D. D. S.

Dear Walter:

As I turn 60, I am looking at some of the most meaningful relationships I’ve had in my life, both those that I have had and those I wish to continue.  My relationship with Walter Epps  kennels and family certainly counts as one of the most rewarding.  You have provided me with outstanding hunting dogs that have not only performed exceptionally well on the field, but also provided me a wonderful relationship that only a man and his hunting dog can have.  The dogs that you have trained for me have been wonderful, both in their skill and their temperament.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank both you and Epps kennels for what you have provided for me.  If I may ask you a tiny little favor, will you please stay in business for another 20 – 25 years, that way, I don’t have to go look for anyone else to train my dogs and give me advice on how to use them to the best of their abilities.  Thank you very much

Walter Johnson

Walt, Mona, and Steve,

Just wanted to give you all an update on this year's hunting season. This Short Hair you've trained is the BEST so far. What a great first year we've both had. Sherman has impressed me on every hunt, even on a wild jackass he held POINT! It was a tough year losing Special Ed, but now I have the Shermanator! I just want to thank your family for the many years and the great dogs (Elle, Honey, Special Ed, and Sherman Tank), I have received from your kennels. You have not only trained the best dogs, you have also given me many lessons along the way, in and out of the field. Thank you for being a part of my family for the past 20+ years.

May the chukar be plentiful!

Looking forward to the next twenty years

Walt wth his dogs Ed and Sherman

Ted de Braga

Ted de Braga and FancyI had Epps Kennels train a German Shorthair female that I run in Chukar and Pheasant competition shoots.  I have consistently placed or won these events.  They turn out winners.

Fallon Nevada

Jack Pomrening Jack and Water


Having known the Epps family for fifty odd years, I think I’m qualified to state that they are outstanding people.  Walter and Steve have been active in breeding, training and showing dogs successfully for many years.  I personally have owned five dogs from their kennels, from their breeding, and all have been outstanding specimens.

I can honestly say they have been eminently trustworthy in all of my dealings with them.

Debra Douglass

Hello, my name is Debra Douglass.  Over a period of twenty-five years, I have had Epps’ train three German Shorthair Pointers for me.  The obedience training is fantastic.  The training they receive working an area, pointing, retrieving is pure poetry in motion.

The Epps’ work with you also.  They train you how to work in the field with your dog.  If you confuse your dog by your mistakes, they can fix you.  The dog is well trained.  My current German Shorthaired Pointer was one of their own.  He is very athletic, has a perfect conformation, and very intelligent.  A wonderful dog to have.

Stacy Trivitt
President, Upland Specialty, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Walter and Steve Epps for over 20 years.   I purchased my first gun dog from them in 1989 and numerous other dogs since that time.   I am convinced the Epps line of German Shorthaired Pointers is comprised of the finest gundogs in the world.   I have competed in and won many Shoot to Retrieve Gun Dog events with these outstanding dogs.  In addition, I have hunted and bagged well over a thousand chukar over these exceptional dogs and successfully hunted pheasant, grouse, and quail all over the country.   These dogs always retrieve to hand from land or water, even on the Missouri River breaks in temperatures well below zero.  I have found these dogs to be extremely biddable and lovable and very capable family companions to my wife and three sons.

Complementing their line of hunting dogs is the vast experience Walter and Steve have acquired through their combined years of breeding and trialing both gun and water dogs.  Their expertise in training and understanding dog behavior is unparalleled in the Western United States.   I would, without hesitation, recommend these remarkable men to anyone seeking to acquire a gun dog that surpasses their expectations. 

John Firpo
Longtime Nevada TV sports and news anchor

Walter Epps is a true professional.  He trained my then five month old Brittany male, Louie, in an accelerated four month program and had him ready for the Chukar season on time.  His facilities and grounds offered every kind of environment to duplicate hunting situations.  This old cowboy knows hunting dogs and is an expert judge of talent.

Dave Lake

My name is Dave Lake, resident of Plumas County for 41 years.  In the early 70s, Chukar hunting became a passion for my family and me.  In the early 80s I met and became a customer/client of Walter & Steve Epps.  We have been friends ever since.  When it comes to gun dogs, issues such as pointing, retrieving, behavior, maintenance and even injuries are facts of life.  The Epps family operates an outstanding, professional kennel and dog training program.  Perfection is their goal.  Care and concern for their dogs and clients does not end at point of sale, it continues through the life of the animals and beyond.  The family atmosphere of the Epps operation is a bonus to the joy experienced afield when hunting.  Dogs are truly man's best friend.  Walter and Steve know dogs.  Hundreds upon hundreds of successful matches, dogs with men have been engineered by these professionals.  It is my pleasure to recommend these gentlemen.

Dillon Alegre Dillon and George

If someone were to ask me where they should have their dog trained, I would instantly say "Epps". When I got my lab, George, he was an 80 pound pup. I couldn't get him to listen at all. I never thought that George would be a dog that I could hunt behind or win field trials with. When I got my dog back from Epps it was a complete change. He went from being a worthless pup to a great hunting dog and a major competitor in the field trials. I have won dog trials with my dog. One thing that I notice at all the dog trials I go to is that an Epps dog always places. In my mind Epps training is the best.

Darrin Alegre

I bought my English pointer, Bud, as a gun trained 2 year old dog from Epps. I was skeptical about buying an older dog because I thought he wouldn't work well for me. I have been completely satisfied and impressed that I have a dog who listens to and obeys my commands just as if I had raised him from a pup. I can't say enough good things about Epps Kennels - an Epps trained dog is awesome to hunt behind and the training doesn't stop when you get your dog back – The Epps' are always just a phone call away to help you keep your dog working well.

Ken Elordi

Ken and OlyEpps Kennels:  The most professional dog trainer`s before, during, and after your training sessions!! Bar None!! I hunt a couple of English Pointers bred and trained by Epps Kennels, both are no nonsense, hard hunting, and absolutely a joy to be in the field with!! If you have any questions on this establishment please call 1-775-532-8306 or 8043.  Ask for Ken

Tracy Mayes

2011 Update - Here is just an update and pictures of Kalypso (Kaly) and how she is doing.  Look at the pictures in sequence to see how far she has come.  Tim and I happened on this covey of quail at the end of an unsuccessful chukar hunt.  Patch is doing great also.  He is the champ of chukar.  Just thought you'd like to know how your girl is doing.  She is an absolute joy to have around.  In the off season we stay fit by hiking and going to the lake.  She has been to Mt. Rose Peak twice and loves Washoe Lake (I think she was a duck dog in a former life).  Hope all is going well with you both.  We are staying busy here as always.

2010 - We first used Walter to train "Dyna" a 1/2 English Pointer.  She proved to be amazing in her ability to find and retrieve birds even if it was at greyhound speed.  We then brought Walter our new German Shorthair "Patch" for training.  He went from a blundering puppy to a dog who knows his job and does it well.  He is trustworthy in his pointing.  He scents the birds far off and works his way to the birds, often waiting for extended periods of time for us to make our way to him.  He is a solid retriever when we are lucky enough to hit the birds.  The proof of the training was shown when we hunted with his brother who received no professional training.  I cannot even begin to tell you the difference. 

After "Dyna" was killed unexpectedly, we received another German Shorthair, this one a female from Walter's bloodlines.  She has just finished her second hunting season and has given me, by her training, ample opportunity to get birds.  She has fun doing her job and has surprised me again and again with her hunting ability, and is a retrieving fanatic. 

Walter has a well-honed ability to get the most out of the dogs.  He has high expectations and this is evident in the way that they hunt. He also has the ability to make this fun for the dogs.  "Patch" and "Kaly" love hunting and they are amazing hunters due to Walter's master touch.

Bing Wesner- 2010

My name is Bing Wesner from Lovelock, NV. I would like to tell you about Epps Kennels and the job they have done for me training my dogs. I compete in Gundog Competitions all across the country which enables me to see dogs that are trained by many different trainers. As far as I am concerned Epps Kennels with Walter and Steve Epps gives me the dogs with the ability and training to compete with the best tournament dogs in the country and win. Instead of giving you any more of my opinion I will just list the accomplishments of my dogs and let that speak for itself. I am sure that I will miss some wins as there has been so many but I will highlight the greatest.

Myself as a player won 2008 Runner-up Player of the Year for Bird Dog Challenge Tournament Hunter and for 2009 finished fourth. Currently going into the Nationals in the 2010 standings sitting number one.

Jack is a 4 year old English Pointer. Just won 2010 Dog of the Year for Bird Dog Challenge which is a huge honor for me betting dogs from all over the country. Jack finished third for 2009 but was Region 4 High Point Dog. He was High Point Dog for the Northern Nevada series for 2008 and 2009. Jack has won two Super Majors and seven Majors along with many other shoots that are not part of the BDC series. On several occasions he has won both the Singles and Doubles on the same weekend. He has made the Finals at every Worlds and Nationals that he has been too. Last Sept he won The Wild West Shootout which brought 52 dogs from all across the country to run for the biggest payout we have had in the West. He won just under $7300 for the big win. Besides being a great gundog he is my constant companion and house dog.

Sage is a 7 year old English Pointer. He won Dog of the Year in the Northern Nevada series in 2007 and finished second to Jack in 2008. He has won one Super Major and one Major along with many other shoots not part of the BDC series. Sage has finished second to Jack many times.

Sierra is a 7 year old Chocolate Lab. She won High Point Flusher for Region 4 in 2008 and 2009. She won 2009 High Point Dog for the Northern Nevada Series for the flushers. She has won two Super Majors and two Majors in the BDC. She is the dog I have let down the most as it seems like we always miss for her when she could have won. Still she has placed many times just should have won more.

Rusty is a 4 year old German Shorthair that is owned by Walter Epps but I have the pleasure of being able to campaign him all across the country with my dogs. He finished 4th in the points race for the BDC in 2009 right behind Jack.  Rusty has won four Majors in the BDC and many others not part of that series. Rusty shines when conditions are poor. He will find birds when other dogs are struggling. His retrieves are second to none as he is full speed to the bird and all the way back till he sticks the bird in your lap.

Jill is a 23 month old English Pointer that is just turning into a Super Star. She missed winning Puppy of the Year by two points for 2009 but has really started to shine in 2010. She started at The Western Nationals in Dec by winning the Pointing Doubles beating Jack by 6 minutes. Jack won second. She won second in the puppies at Thunder Hill in CA and also made the finals in the Top Gun. Then we went to the Classic, a Super Major in Nebraska, where she won the puppies. She won the Ace High Top Gun in March and should have won the puppies also but I let her down with my worst shooting performance ever.  Then it was of to Nebraska again where she won third in the puppies. Next stop Bird Dog Challenge National Finals and boy did she put together some runs.  First in the puppies she won third. Should have made the doubles finals but partner had some shooting problems. Then to the Top Gun where she put together two good runs to make the finals. Her greatest performance then started as she ran a 6:07 and a 7:47 to place  third. Watch out Jack she is getting good. She now has a big lead for 2010 Puppy of the Year for the BDC.

Buddy is the newest addition and he is a 11 month old yellow lab. His first event was The Western Nationals where he was third in his field in the prelims not bad for first event going against the big dogs. Next was The Big Meadows Upland Bird Championships a Super Major where he finished third the Top Gun singles again against the old dogs and he was only 9 months old then and finished second in the puppies. Then off to the Western States Chukar Classic in CA. where he won the Top Gun Flushing event by 3 minutes against the big dogs again.

Besides all these dogs doing very well at the tournaments they are also great wild bird finders. They are always easy to handle and a joy to hunt behind. Anything I have wanted my dogs to do Walter and Steve have been able to get them to do it and do it well. I highly recommend them for all your training needs.

 Bing and Dogs