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  • For over 60 years we've trained dogs and owners by building a solid foundation for mutual learning, working together, understanding each other, and most of all growing and nurturing the bond between each other...


  • Since 1951, we've bred, raised, trained and campaigned pointers and retrievers from coast to coast. To date, we have trained and finished 2 AKC National Champions, 2 AKC Dual Champions, over 40 AKC Field Champions, and approximately 3,900 placements in registered AKC Field Trials. Unfortunately, we never tracked the number of gundogs we trained over the years, but a conservative estimate is over 2,000.


  • Have a question, comment or would like more information? Just give us a call or click on either of the email links below and we'd be happy to help!

GunDogs for Sale

  • Epps Kennels breeds, raises and trains these top caliber gundogs. We have started and finished gundogs for sale. Their status is always changing because we continue to train and expand their experience every day. The 5 young dogs listed for sale on this page are a good representation of the type gundog you will find at Epps Kennels. If you have questions or don't see the dog you're looking for, please give us a call and hopefully we can help you find what you're looking for.


  • Here are some of the most common questions we get from people who call for the first time:


  • The Epps family has been training dogs for over 60 years now. Walter started his life-long dream of training dogs with a wonderful German Shorthaired Pointer named Meister Schau Speiler that he showed and trained. For the first forty years of the Epps family professional careers, the kennel was named Schau Speiler Kennels...

Information Links

  • We've placed a number of links on this page to help you locate: 1. Dog and Hunting organizations, 2. Upland Game and and Waterfowl Associations, 3. Hunting Equipment, 4. Serious Dog boxes and Trailers, 5. Hunting Clubs and Taxidermy in your area, 6. Hunting organizations and Publications, 7. Dog Nutrition, and 8. Western States Fish and Game Departments.

Client Photo Gallery

  • Some of our clients share pictures of hunting trips, competition and other activities they enjoy with their dogs. The pictures on this page are organized in alphabetic order by first name. It's a fairly long page, but one we're very proud of. There are some outstanding accomplishments, great hunts and wonderful pictures!


  • The goal of our breeding and training programs are to provide the absolute best English Pointers, German Shorthairs and Labrador Retrievers available anywhere. We are very competitive in the field and pride ourselves in being able to breed, raise and/or train spectacular hunting dogs. When you go hunting or compete with your dog and you think you enjoyed shooting the birds more than you did watching your dog perform, then we didn't breed, raise or train your dog to our expectations.


  • Here you will find some very kind words from some very dear friends and clients. Some have only had one dog trained by us and others, like Mikio, have had numerous dogs over many decades trained by us. All have been a joy to work with and a blessing to know.


  • At Epps Kennels we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality training.  Our training programs include basic obedience, gun dog training, steady to wing and shot to complete competition training for both pointing breeds and retrievers.  Each of these programs are designed to have your dog ready to hunt or compete at whatever level an owner would desire.